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Running into an Ex

It’s something most of us, male or female, have envisioned a few times. We’ve probably played the situation out in our minds, considering what we’d say, what we’d be wearing, how good we’d look if and when the moment ever came. You know what I’m talking about – the moment when you’re out and about somewhere, minding your own business, and just like that out of the corner of your eye you catch the sight of a familiar face. It’s the ex you swore you never wanted to see again… but was that really true?

Do we really mean it when we say we never want to see our ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s face ever again, or do we just not want them to see us until we’ve completely moved on and are looking and feeling our best? After all, what better revenge is there than to look ten times better now than you did when you were dating the person that broke your heart? Wouldn’t it be nice for them to see you now and think of what a mistake it was letting you go?

It’s funny how time can change you. You may be so far over your last relationship and so happy in your new one that you don’t even care or think twice about running into an ex. Maybe you want them to see how content you are without them in hopes that they’ve moved on as well. Or perhaps you still have a slight flame burning and you hope that seeing your ex may ignite a little flame inside them as well. Whatever your case may be, just remember to always walk with confidence… you never know who is watching!

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