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  • Danielle J

The Couple That Podcasts Together, Slays Together

Any other parents find it funny how much you talk about poop once you have kids?

Parenting itself is a full-time job…then throw in an actual full-time job, and what time do you have left for your partner? And when you do have alone time together, what do you talk about…the kids!

It seems impossible to find quality time with your partner when you have young kids, especially more than one. Now, I know what non-parents are thinking…”It was YOUR decision to have kids!”…and you’re right, however, it doesn’t mean we can’t miss the one on one time with the love of our lives, the romantic intimacy that has hidden itself in the clutter of toys, clothes, and diapers.

We thought once the baby sleeps through the night, things would be normal for us again. That took a year and a half and by the time we lay our heads on the pillow we’d pass out from the exhaustion of our busy day.

With not being able to afford luxurious, romantic getaways sans the kids, we decided to finally do something we had talked about doing for years…start a podcast. We aptly named it The Homewrecker Podcast.

It gives us a chance to have one on one time, enjoy adult conversations about things that interest us, and a chance to create something together that doesn’t ultimately result in changing diapers.

While our conversations range from past relationships to the supernatural to favorite movies and TV shows, not only do we learn new things about each other but we also get to re-tell and re-live some of the stories that we love hearing about and from each other.

Some couples take cooking classes, some see therapists…we podcast. In the end, that works for us. Find what works for you so you’re talking about more than just your kids’ poop.

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