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Which Comes First the Ring or the Baby?

Alright, it’s 2018, and we know that time is flying. Seasons are shifting, people are evolving, and so on. With this ever-changing world comes many different traditions, styles, and ideals. Some of these patterns come, go, and end up repeating themselves years later. This brings me to a topic that I’ve discussed many times with women my age, women a lot older than me, and girls a decade younger than me.

Which comes first, the ring or the baby?

Tradition will tell you that you’re supposed to meet a boy, date, fall in love, buy a house, get married and then have lots of babies and stay home and take care of everything. If your grandma can get married at nineteen and have seven kids and stay at home while your grandpa worked,, than you can too honey. Right? Maybe. Wrong? Maybe. Luckily in 2018, that answer is up to you.

I bring this topic up because I’ve noticed that in today’s world, many women are getting pregnant before getting married. Is this because they simply can’t afford a nice place to live, a wedding, plus the cost of raising a family in this day and age? Or is it because women are more career driven than ever and don’t want to be labeled the stay-at-home housewife? Do people choose to skip the drama and cut throat my wedding was nicer and more expensive than yours contest and just skip right to having babies?

Whatever the choice may be, just be thankful the choice is up to you. We are lucky to live in a society where everyone is different and people are so much more accepting of diverse ways of living. If you choose what’s best for you, that’s all that matters, and whatever you choose to do as a woman, I stand by your decision. In 2018, I am proud to be a pregnant, non-married woman with a prosperous career and man who loves me, and I hope you stand by me too!

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