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Oh the Places We’ve Gone!

Walter and I were recently thinking about all the fabulous things we‘ve done thanks to UndercoverWear. We, like so many other UndercoverWear Agents, would have never experienced so many “firsts”.

For today, I am going to focus on the trips that we’ve taken. Now I know many companies offer trips, but I can say that no other Company ever offered as many elaborate trips around the world. So I’m going to start with some of my favorite trip memories. BTW, Walter is much more detailed oriented, so I really need his counsel on this--LOL

  • Switzerland - Because we had so many achievers, we needed two hotels to accommodate UndercoverWear. Walter chose the Hyatt on Lake Geneva and Le Montreux Palace. Both are situated on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland overlooking the Alps. While the Hyatt was new and modern, the five star luxury Le Montreux Palace was “old world elegance” at it’s finest. During this amazing trip, we ate cheese at the Gruyere factory, had drinks on the Matterhorn and enjoyed our farewell dinner in the magnificent Grand Ballroom of Le Montreux Palace. Throughout our entire trip, I wanted to sing, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music”! Switzerland is breathtaking!

  • Paris - One of my personal favorite cities in the world. Our UndercoverWear Achievers stayed at the Sheraton Montparnasse --the very artsy part of Paris. We enjoyed private Bateaux Mouches excursion boats that provided us a view of the city from along the river Seine. As we went by Notre Dame --the lights went on while the accordion player sang La Vie En Rose. We dined at the famous Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, and or fun entertainment we enjoyed seeing the performances at Follies Bergere. Rumor has it many of our UndercoverWear Agents explored the famous Quartier Pigalle the famous Red Light District of Paris. We’re not sharing names --remember we are “UndercoverWear Agents”.

  • Speaking of Paris --our first trip to the Moet Chandon caves was indeed my most memorable. We enjoyed an amazing luncheon where the champagne was flowing. Yes, our group was a “bit” rowdy --particularly after drinking all that champagne. Yes our “bubbly” UndercoverWear Agents did indeed get very friendly with the wait staff!

  • London-- We had so many amazing adventures in London that I REALLY needed Walter’s help to recreate this trip. First we stayed at the amazing Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington…. right next to Kensington Palace! Our group took over ALL of Madame Trousseau’s Wax Museum. We enjoyed cocktails and dinner with music in the Royal palace Room and had a disco in the Chamber of Horrors. Finally, we had a symphony orchestra playing classical must to end the evening. Oh yes, of course we had private views of all the wax figures. For our top Achievers on the trip, I’m sure you’ll remember the private dinner at the home of the Duke and Duchess. This formal dinner at their castle was unbelievable! After dinner, the men enjoyed their private time playing pool and drinking cognac. While the women were invited to the grand parlor for after dinner drinks and sparking conversation. We ended our trip with a gala dinner where Walter and I entered the ballroom in a 6-dog sleigh. And that was where I wore my $25,000 Bob Mackie fur trimmed gown and jacket.

  • Rio -- Because of the size of our group, again we needed TWO hotels --The Sheraton and the Intercontinental. Can you believe UndercoverWear had EXCLUSIVE events on Sugarloaf Mountain + at the Statue of Christ The Redeemer. We even took over Tivoli Amusement Park. We were greeted by a “fly over” where a plane held the UndercoverWear banner. We had rides and fun, food, cotton candy --everything! . That evening ended with an amazing Fireworks display just for our UndercoverWear trip achievers. WOW! .

  • Greece, Italy, Germany Bangkok, Australia --oh my where else did we travel together! Walter ensured that each and every trip had it’s own nuance. Oh I almost forgot our first trip to Bermuda and our second trip to Aruba. We also did Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Punta Cana and a cruise. Oh --I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two! Last but not least....

  • Hawaii --While we enjoyed so many adventures in Hawaii, my favorite was having our UndercoverWear Agents in our homes. Who remembers dancing in the disco? Hawaii will also be special as an UndercoverWear trip. It is where our UndercoverWear family truly became part of the James’ family Mahalo!

So these are just a few of my favorite memories. I would love to hear about your favorite trip and why it was so special!

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