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UndercoverWear…..we’re back!

I am so darn excited that UndercoverWear has decided to re-enter the World of Lingerie. While some of you may think that this “break” was our long term plan, I can assure you it was not. Frankly, we never thought we were leaving the lingerie world. However circumstances proved us wrong. After a frankly disasterous attempt at a “marriage” with another company, Walter, Jamie and I were compelled to take our company of 40 years and put it on a hiatus.

While we had always discussed how to bring back UndercoverWear, the first true seed of our reemergence game a few months ago when I was chatting with Jamie’s daughter, Niccie (pronounced Nikki) about her future. She said, “Tutu, I’d like to rebuild the UndercoverWear brand”. Well, push me over with a feather.

As many of you know, Walter, Jamie, Cheryl and I make business decisions as a family. Jamie started Ohana Enterprises and he and I have helped a number of Direct-Sales companies over the past few years. Many of our former Agents are also doing really well Direct Sales Companies. So obviously, we certainly know and believe in the power of direct sales. However, as we take UndercoverWear into the future, we wanted to re-create a better bigger UndercoverWear --leaving Direct Sales as a part of our past not part our future.

UndercoverWear will become a successful online company. But it is not your ordinary lingerie website. Our goal is not for our clients to simply go online, shop and buy. Our goal is to create a website that helps women better their lives --through education, humor, fun, and practical solutions to everyday challenges. And “yes” in order to support the website, we will feature all types of fabulous products--including lingerie of course.

We have teamed with a great group of energetic talented men and women to spearhead the new UndercoverWear. Holly and Danielle are the two newest members of our online content team – if you haven’t read their blogs or watched their videos you are missing out! (Especially Danielle’s videos. I personally love this one ) Of course, our family is front and center. We’re even receiving lots of tips from Niccie.

We are so looking forward to your comments, suggestions and of course support. Visit – look at our blogs, our history and our current stores. We expect this journey to be just as exciting as it was some 35+ years ago. Suffice it to say, as a family we’ve learned a lot. However, some things will never change…

UndercoverWear… We were the FIRST, We are The BEST & Nobody Does it Better.

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