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Dating Through the Seasons

Picture this: it’s the middle of December, you’re curled up by the window sipping a hot mocha latte, wrapped up in your comfiest sweater, with the love of your love smiling at you as you both watch the snow fall down on the city streets. You place your coffee cup down and glance at the bright red lipstick stain you left on its rim. It’s dark lipstick season because after it’s the holiday season, and what could be better than that? When you two finish up at the café, you take a stroll over cobblestoned corners, under bright street lights, and you laugh as the snowflakes stick to your eyelashes. Your mitten covered hand is tucked tightly in his, and you walk side by side wondering how life could ever be better than this night right here.

But now it’s Spring, and the two of you are snuggled up on your couch watching your favorite movies that you’ve both seen a hundred times, and you can’t help but smile as you realize you that you both still laugh at the same lines, and you thank God that you found someone with the same sense of humor as you. You are warm, but you stay under the blanket because April is the perfect month – not too hot, not too cold, and you stretch your legs over his while you say “I love the Spring, it has its ups and down, but it’s calm and easy, just like this relationship”, and then you fall asleep and nap the rainstorm away. You dream about the fact that this is the best moment you’ve ever been in.

Until July. You are wearing your favorite new bikini, he’s showing off his tan skin and strong arm as he plays fetch with your dog in the backyard by your pool. The smell of your favorite summer cookout food fills the air, and you wipe a bead of sweat off your face as it drips down your cheek reminding you that it certainly is summertime, your favorite season of all. You sit in the sun for a while, determined to bronze your body enough so that you look extra special in your sundress that you’ll wear to the fireworks later. The next thing you know, you and your man are kissing as the of Fourth of July sparkles light up the sky, and you tell yourself to never forget this night because summer is the best season for love.

But then comes Fall, and the two of you are sipping hot cider at the farm where he took you on a date to go apple picking. You know he’d much rather be home watching football with the guys, but a promise is a promise and he can’t resist how cute you look in your flannel shirt. The air is crisp, your cheeks are rosy, and you giggle as he tries to take pretend candid photos of you picking apples off the tree. You bite into the reddest one you can find, and you wonder what is sweeter, the taste of your favorite fruit, or the fact that Fall is the best dating season after all.

Now you’re driving home, so content with your day, and you ask yourself this: if you are really in love, do the seasons matter? Is there really a best time for dating? Or does your love grow stronger with each season? Either way, you imagine what’s yet to come, and you begin to make a mental list of all the fun things you can do as the seasons change again.

What’s your favorite season for love?

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