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About Us

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Thank you for visiting our website. It’s been 37 amazing years that I’d love to share with you, so let’s take a journey together back to the beginning of UndercoverWear.

It was 1975 in Massachusetts; I had been married for five years and had an adorable four-year-old son, Jamie. My husband Walter was a professional musician and music teacher. I was working a number of small, part-time jobs to make some extra money.

We always wanted to own our own business – we definitely had entrepreneurial spirits.We also had very clear life goals: family, the desire for a better lifestyle and financial security. We were willing to work hard, wanting the flexibility of being our own boss and achieving our own success.

We struggled at the beginning. We invested every penny we had into modular homes and got lots of orders. Unfortunately, the parent company went bankrupt and we lost everything. Failure #1! We opened a clothing boutique in Boston’s infamous “Combat Zone” and primarily served exotic dancers. Walter quit his job and on August 24, 1976, we became true business owners. On August 25th our store burned to the ground, and we had no insurance. Failure #2!

There we were – no store, no jobs and no money, but six weeks later we opened Tiffany’s Undercover Boutique in downtown Boston for one more attempt at success.

By 1977, we were building our business and I wanted some brand new clothes. Walter, however, said we didn’t have money for that, so I took matters into my own hands. I took some of the lingerie out of the store and did my first home party.

I had experienced other boring party plan ideas and I wanted something different. I created a Sensuality Test, named each piece of lingerie – “Passion,” “Not Tonight, I’ve Got A Headache” – and instead of coffee and cookies, I served wine and cheese. At the end, I’d present my “goodie bag” of thongs, garter belts and even peek-a-boo bras and undies.

Naturally, the parties were an instant success. I was getting tons of press about my “nighttime job” and suddenly I was the rage of the nation! We were featured on Evening Magazine, Oprah, Phil Donahue and Montel Williams – just to name a few. Then, there were the hundreds of radio, newspaper and magazine interviews.

UndercoverWear swept across North America. We were everywhere. (Here’s a little known secret – other industry professionals have discovered a passion for romance parties after witnessing UndercoverWear’s success.)

In 2015, we sold our Party-Plan division to focus on our online businesses.  We know that our selection of THOUSANDS of products will take UndercoverWear into the future for another 4 decades

Thank you once again for stopping by – I hope you enjoy UndercoverWear as much as I have!

With Warm Aloha,
Tiffany James
CEO and Co-Founder